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SKU: 1695

This Georgian Copper Bain Marie, engraved to one side with the initials HAH, dates from circa 1830.

It is well made with keyed seams at each corner and good, strong handles.   The condition is good with no repairs.

To give some idea of scale it has been photographed with a standard size wine bottle.

This Bain Marie has many uses, as well as cooking.  It can be filled with ice and used as a bed for a fresh seafood display or to chill wine.  Equally, when filled with flowering plants or flowers it would make a very attractive focal point in any room.

Dimensions not including handles:

Height:  4 inches (10 cm)

Width:  19.25 inches (49 cm)

Depth:  16.75 inches (43 cm)

Please email shaun@shaunkingantiques for further details.

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