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SKU: 1685

This superb quality Leather Writing Box, with Navy Blue Leather interior, personalised stationery and its original Combs Patent Inkwell and Light, is stamped George A. King, Esq ‘Un Recuerdo’ August 1869 in gilt to the inside.  It has a beautifully chased brass handle and a Bramah Lock (no key) which is stamped J. Dyus.

The Box has a compartment for storing documents, a letter and card holder and two white panels on which to write notes.

The second section lifts up 90 degrees on stay hinges to reveal the Stationery compartment and a removable leather blotter.  Remarkably, some of the stationery is printed with the original owner’s monogram GAK.  In the well beneath is a removable pen tray, the Combs Patent Inkwell and the Combs Patent Light, both of which are complete.  Beneath this is a section holding pen nibs, erasers and the original printer’s die for the monogrammed stationery.  There are also two old South American coins, from Peru and Chile which were obviously kept for sentimental reasons and may well relate to the inscription ‘Un recuerdo’ (a souvenir).

This writing Box has been well looked after, both by Mr. George King and whoever else has enjoyed ownership over the past 150 years.  To have retained so much of its original contents makes this quite a rarity.

Dimensions when closed:

Height:  5.5 inches (14 cm

Width:  14.5 inches (39.5 cm)

Depth:  10.5 inches (27 cm)

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