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SKU: 1709

This Fine Georgian Mahogany Architect’s Desk or Library Table dates from circa 1820.

The double-depth Secretaire Drawer pulls forward to reveal a baize-lined section, the centre of which can be raised on a ratchet.  When this section is slid back six, individual compartments are revealed, each inlaid with letters of the alphabet, creating an early filing system.  There is a secret drawer behind.  The centre of this lower section has been left void, as intended by the Maker, to allow papers to be hurriedly put away and hidden from view should the Writer be unexpectedly interrupted.

An interesting feature of the Desk is the top which can be raised on, not one but, two ratchets which fit in brass steps, rather than wooden ones.

Although not stamped, the quality, overall design and interesting features mentioned above, lead to a Gillows attribution.  Similar Desks are illustrated in the Gillows Book by Susan E. Stuart, Volume 1, Pages 279-282.

The Desk is free standing and the back, as Gillows wrote, has ‘a sham front of mahogany fitt to bring into the centre of a room to be seen all round’, as can be seen in the final photograph.

The Desk is in good condition, of rich colour and functions well.

Dimensions when closed:

Height:  27.75 inches (96 cm)

Width:  51 inches (130 cm)

Depth:  28 inches (71 cm)

Kneehole Height:  27 inches (69 cm)

Please email shaun@shaunkingantiques.com for further details.


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